Tuesday, September 2, 2008

free music!

I love Google Reader. It helps me keep track of all the blogs I follow (the number keeps growing!), and it suggests blogs I might enjoy. I'm not quite sure how it comes up with its suggestions--take, for example, the suggestion of The Omaha Critic . . . which is restaurant reviews--but sometimes it comes up with a good one.

This morning, it suggested Phil Wickham's blog. I'm not overly familiar with him, but I know some of his music. ("After Your Heart" plays quite a bit on K-Love and KROA.) For some reason, his voice reminds me of Phillip LaRue (and if you're wondering whatever happened to LaRue, I just found Phillip's MySpace page--he's signed with Tooth & Nail, and he has curls again :-) ). But back to Phil Wickham . . . I went to his blog and discovered he's giving away his newest album! All you have to do is sign up to receive his newsletter. Sounds like a pretty good trade off to me!



  1. if you like google sites, you should check out the newly released "public beta" of the google browser at www.google.com/chrome It's different from others, and is optimized to run gmail and other google apps faster than firefox.

  2. Oh thanks. :P

    ~The Omaha Critic (Feelin' the love)


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