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I've written well over 800 book reviews—so many that sometimes I have difficulty remembering if I've reviewed a particular book! So here's where you (and I) can find a comprehensive list—eventually. This is a work in progress!

Clicking on the link will take you to the review. If the book is part of a series, I've noted that. The list is alphabetical by author. I rank books using a 5-star system, and books that I highly recommend (4-1/2 and 5-star books) are denoted with a . (Keep in mind that I would recommend most of the books that I review, but those noted with a are the best of the best.) Also, nearly all of the fiction books I read are inspirational/Christian fiction, so rather than saying a book is "historical inspirational fiction," I'll just say "historical fiction." Any books with questionable content are clearly noted in the review.


Alexander, Johnnie

Alexander, Tamara

Andrews, Andy

Austin, Lynn


Barnett, Laura

Basham, Pepper

Benjamin, Christina

Bergren, Lisa T.

Billerbeck, Kristin

Blackstock, Terri

Booth, Martin Allison

Bradley, Patricia

Bradley, Sally

Brouwer, Sigmund

Buxbaum, Julie


Cabot, Amanda

Camden, Elizabeth

Carie, Emma

Chase, Serena

Coble, Colleen

Collins, Ace

Cossette, Connilyn

Crandall, Dawn

Curtis, Melinda

  • Baby, Baby Make Me a Match anthology (contemporary romance)


Deering, Julianna

Deese, Nicole

Delamere, Jennifer

Denman, Varina

Dickerson, Melanie

Dickson, Jeanne M.

Dove, Julieann

Downs, Annie F.


Eason, Lynette

Evans, Richard Paul


Ferrell, Miralee

Fischer, Normandie

Fisher, Suzanne Woods

Flaherty, Liz

Fletcher, Susan E.


Ganshert, Katie

  • The Gifting The Gifting #1 (YA fiction) written as K.E. Ganshert 
  • Life After (contemporary fiction) 

Gray, Tammy L.

Green, Rob

Griep, Michelle

Gunn, Robin Jones


Hale, Jenny

Hatcher, Robin Lee

Hauck, Rachel

Hedlund, Jody

Hill, Jenna Miscavige

Himes, Leah

Howrey, Meg

Hunter, Denise

Hunter, Kristi Ann



Johnson, Emily Maynard

Johnson, Liz

Jones, Jenny B.


Keith, Keely Brooke

Klassen, Julie

Knight, April

Kondo, Marie

  • Spark Joy (nonfiction, cleaning & organizing)


Lodge, Hillary Manton

Lord, Emery


Marshall, Catherine

  • Christy (historical fiction) 

Matayo, Amy

Mead, Robin

Mehl, Nancy

  • Fatal Frost Defenders of Justice #1 (romantic suspense) 

McKinley, Robin

McMillan, Rachel

Meissner, Susan

Miller, Carolyn

Moran, Beth

Myers, Raechel & Amanda Bible Williams 


    Ng, Celeste


    Olson, Rondi Bauer


    Pettrey, Dani

    • Cold Shot Chesapeake Valor #1 (romantic suspense) 
    • Still Life Chesapeake Valor #2 (romantic suspense)

    Politano, Joanna Davidson

    Post, Carol J.

    • Trust My Heart (contemporary romance)

    Prud'homme, Alex



    Racculia, Kate

    Reay, Katherine

    Remini, Leah


    Scott, Regina

    Sharp, Margaret Lynette

    Shiloh, Toni

    Slattery, Jennifer

    Smith, Fiona Veitch

    • The Jazz Files Poppy Denby Investigates #1 (historical fiction) 
    • The Kill Fee Poppy Denby Investigates #2 (historical fiction)

    Springer, Kathryn

    Starr, Mel

    Stewart, Anna J.

    Suk, Letitia

    Sundin, Sarah


    Tagg, Melissa

    Thomas, Sarah Loudin

    Tippetts, Kara

    Tracy, Pamela

    Turano, Jen

    Turner, Bethany


    Vance-Thompkins, Sarah

    Varland, Sarah


    Wade, Becky

    • Then Came You Bradford Sisters prequel (contemporary romance)
    • True to You Bradford Sisters #1 (contemporary romance) 

    Walker, Danielle

    Wallace, J. Warner

    Warren, Susan May

    Webb, Cari Lynn

    Weir, Andy

    White, Roseanna M.

    Whitlow, Robert

    Williams, Lacy


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