Sunday, December 21, 2008

oh, the weather outside is frightful . . .

Stayed in Grand Island with friends last night. Watched a movie, cross-stitched, ate too many Oreo balls, and slept in a comfy bed. This morning, Melissa made chocolate chip muffins for breakfast. It's almost enough to make you forget that it's one degree with a wind chill of negative twenty-two outside!


  1. What is an oreo ball? Do you have to work at all this week? I heard you head for Kansas sometime on Wed. Did you see aunty M and Grandpa H there today? Aunty M said she enjoyed it more than the first time.

  2. I love those oreo things. I think I usually call them Oreo Truffles. Sounds better than Oreo Balls to me. ;)

    Hope the singing Chr. Tree went well!

  3. JJ--Oreo Truffles is a much better name!

    Anonymous--Oreo Truffles are Oreos and cream cheese mixed together, rolled into balls, and dipped in almond bark. I'm thinking of trying them in chocolate, though--never can have too much chocolate! I saw Aunty M & Grandpa H in the entryway after the concert, but I couldn't find them in the audience. Saw the girls sitting w/ AE & Gram, though.

  4. are so sweet! I had fun with you here!

  5. They were sitting on the other side about 4 rows from the front, She wanted to be close so Grandpa H could see as much as possible.


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