Wednesday, June 17, 2009

thoughts from a lunch break

  • I left my container of applesauce at home. Grrr. Now I'm gonna be hungry. I wonder if applesauce that's been on a kitchen counter all day is still edible?
  • I'd forgotten how much I like Nature Valley granola bars. Wishing now that I'd brought one for lunch, as well as breakfast.
  • The Proposal opens in two days! It's ridiculous how excited I am about this movie. It's the star of my favorite movie of all time and the star of a sitcom I fondly remember, coupled with one of my favorite plot devices . . . I think we're going opening night!
  • I leave on my Oregon trip two weeks from today!!!
  • One of my coworkers is ridiculously dressed up. During the summer, he normally wears jeans and a polo--or even athletic shorts and a t-shirt--but today he's wearing a dress shirt and slacks. Wonder why?
  • My hair looks about 1000 times better today than it did yesterday. Could be the new conditioner; could be using Val's nice ionic hair dryer instead of my old dying one. I choose to credit the new conditioner, which I paid way too much for at my hair salon. (OK, so it causes me to snicker a bit in calling it a salon--it's a small town beauty shop . . . but I love it!)
  • I woke up this morning to discover that my face has forgotten it's no longer 15 years old. Hello, zits!
  • I killed a jumping spider in the stairwell outside my apartment this morning. That's the third one I've killed out there this spring. I really, really, really hope I don't find any in my apartment!
  • In two days, I need to have submitted pictures and an update on what I've been doing for the past 10 years to a high school classmate who is compiling a book on everyone in our class. I've really been dragging my feet on this. What pictures do I include? What do I say?
  • Normally caffeine doesn't affect my ability to sleep, but perhaps a drink containing four shots of espresso and a 44 oz. Diet Pepsi (both after 8:30 p.m.) were a bit too much. I was wired!
  • When will Jillian figure out that Wes is a publicity-seeking jerk? "They say that love, it don't come eeeee-eeeeasy . . ."
  • Will my yearbook proofs ever come? What if they come while I'm on vacation?
  • My cilantro is so cute! I planted the seeds in the pot that used to hold my African violet (R.I.P.). I ask Val at least once a day if she's noticed how good the cilantro looks.
  • I should really blog more. I just don't know what to say half the time . . .


  1. i would think the applesauce would be ok after a day.

    i want to see the proposal too.

    i am excited for your trip!!

    your conditioner and val's hairdryer sound nice!

    i don't think i've ever seen a jumping spider.

    what info did you give for your bio?

    i don't like cilantro, but i think it's awesome that you're growing it!!

  2. I love this post, Becky! I've heard a lot of good things about The Proposal in the short time it's been out. Did you like it? Also...I LOVE cilantro! There was a time when I wasn't sure about it, but once I tasted a co-worker's AMAZING salsa with cilantro a few years ago, there was no going back! :)

    My word verification is "bronslin." What the heck is that? Somehow, I immediately thought "Josh Brolin." Ha ha...


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