Sunday, June 13, 2010


Three men in a tub ... I had to look up the rest of the nursery rhyme, and I find I didn't really know it at all. No matter, though! I think it was in one of my childhood books; at least I have a picture in my head of a drawing that had three guys in a bathtub on the ocean.

Crazy as it sounds, that picture describes what I did last weekend! No, I didn't get lost at sea in a bathtub ... I went tanking!

Seven friends and I went up to the Calamus River, rented two plastic cow tanks, and floated down the river! We had a blast--except for the hour when the sun went behind the clouds and the wind came up--and I didn't even get sunburned, thanks to my new Aveeno SPF 100. (SPF 100--a product created just for pasty white people like me!)

My pictures will tell the story better than I can, so follow this link to the album I posted on facebook ... enjoy!


  1. you're so funny! I found a wi fi signal while i am here at Okoboji!!! Can't wait to see you on Tuesday! :) I will let you know when I have an idea of when I will be getting to town...

  2. We did have fun! Even if some of us didn't go with the SPF 100 and did get slightly burned...ok, really burned...burned turned to blisters burned! Oh well...serves me right I guess!


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