Wednesday, April 10, 2013

snow day in april? yes, please!

We've been having some weird weather here in Nebraska recently. I mean, Nebraska weather is always a bit spastic, but the last few days have really been wild. On Monday, our high was near 70 ... and then things fell apart. Monday night into Tuesday morning, we had severe thunderstorms. My town didn't get hit nearly as hard as some other towns in the area ... but still, we had high winds, hail, and lots of rain. (Yay, rain!) Then Tuesday the temp steadily dropped, the winds were strong, and it rained, sleeted, and hailed. Eventually, there was a bit of snow, but the biggest issue was the layer of ice that covered everything.

Last night, I got the "late start" call. And this morning, 15 minutes before my alarm was set to go off, I got the "school is canceled" call! Roomie and I were both thrilled to have the day off! (She's student teaching at another area school, and her school was canceled, too.)

I had so much work I could have been doing ... but I didn't bring any of it home with me because I honestly thought we'd have school today. It only takes five minutes to drive to work, so I could have gone to pick some stuff up, but really, did I want to go through the effort of showering, drying my hair, and scraping off my car? Nope! So I decided to declare today a "me" day ... and let tomorrow worry about itself.

So today I spent my day

  • baking bread. I used this recipe, which I found on Pinterest. It tastes great ... but the loaves look nothing like the pictures on the website!
  • washing dishes. Becasue I baked bread.
  • rescuing my cats from the dog next door. Don't ask me how I feel about that dog. It's not pretty.
  • catching up on NCIS, Hart of Dixie, and New Girl. Plus an episode of The OC thrown in for good measure.
  • reading Siri Mitchell's Unrivaled. I had mixed feelings about it—look for the review tomorrow.
  • chatting with Blendy. (Maybe if I link to her enough times, it'll shame her into actually updating her blog ...)
  • napping. I never nap ... but I did today!
  • watching Cool Runnings with the roomie. I kept telling myself I wouldn't cry at the end, but I did. I swear, I'm turning into my mother!
All in all, it was a fabulous, unexpected, much-needed day off! 

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