Saturday, November 2, 2013

"come back to jesus" by tanya logan

About the book: Have you drifted away from the Faith? Or has life gotten in the way? If any of these:

• Busy-ness

• Relationships

• Hurts

• Addictions

have held you up, you need Come Back to Jesus.

Renew your love of Christ and your joy in building on the gifts God gave you. STOP just going through the motions. Find the time-stealers and replace them by starting afresh with prayer; center yourself in The Word.

Explore the things that could lead you off the "narrow path." Practice opening up to God, being in His presence....

Experience the love of the Lord like you may never have before. Read the book as a personal growth guide, or use it as a 6-week Bible study and share insights and encouragement with your small group.

My take: As soon as I read the description for Come Back to Jesus—and Don't Bring Your Blackberry, I knew I wanted to work through it. It is a six-week Bible study that focuses on the things that pull us away from Christ—specifically things like social media, entertainment, and hobbies. As I've worked through the first couple weeks, I have indeed identified some things that are causing my relationship with Christ to stagnate. This study isn't an easy one, but I believe it is important.

A few things about the study itself: Logan constantly uses Scripture to make her points—which, of course, I would expect from a Bible study! There's more reading here than in many of the studies I've done in the past, and the response sections are limited. I actually really appreciate this, as I often get tired of the "duh" questions in many studies. I like studies that are very personal, and this one is!

I do have to say, though, that if I hadn't read the description, I never would have picked up Come Back to Jesus. Why? Because of the cover and the title. The use of the word "Blackberry" makes the study seem a bit dated to me—how many people actually use a Blackberry anymore? And the cover photo really didn't entice me, either. I don't think many women my age would be drawn to this book because of those two things—and that's a shame, as this is exactly the kind of study we need.

My rating: 4 stars

Buy the book.

About the author: Tanya Logan found herself drawn to Christ while on a cloud-gazing walk at the age of 9. Since then, she has seen His hand in nature from her native East Tennessee to Washington, DC, Atlanta, GA and now Southwest Florida. A writer all of her life, Come Back to Jesus—and Don’t Bring your Blackberry is her 4th book. She has also freelanced extensively and is the ghost author of 11 books, 2 of which are required reading for college courses.

“If I never have another word from God, this one is enough: Go tell the people to get the “stuff” out of the way so they can worship Me better,” Logan says. Thus the 6-week study Come Back to Jesus was born.

Tanya is married to Mickey Logan and together they share an office as well as a love of the ocean, boating, reading, and much silliness.

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