Monday, July 13, 2015

"eyes unveiled" by crystal walton

While I love reading Young Adult fiction and romance, I haven't read much New Adult fiction (where the protagonist is college aged to mid-20's). This is because much of what I've seen is overly focused on sexuality, and I want to read about love, not sex. So when Crystal Walton contacted me about reviewing her clean New Adult romance, I was intrigued.

Twenty-one-year-old Emma Matthews lost the song in her heart the same night she lost her dad. With an unfulfilled promise and an ultimatum shadowing her junior year of college, maybe it’s better that way. You can’t hurt if you can’t feel. 

But when the reflection she sees in musician Riley Preston’s eyes borders dangerously close to the one she’s spent the last five years searching for, Emma discovers her walls can’t guard her heart from its fiercest desire. Terrified of what she’s experiencing, and even more afraid of what she might lose, Emma grapples for the courage to hold on to one dream without abandoning the promise of another. 

Contemporary Inspirational Romance novel Eyes Unveiled lets you relive those heartfelt moments when you don’t know how you’d survive a day without your best friend, when you’re trying to figure out who you are and what you’re supposed to do with your life, and when falling in love changes everything. 

While love at first sight/instant attraction stories aren't my favorite, Walton did an excellent job of conveying the pull between Emma and Riley. I definitely felt like I was experiencing everything along with Emma, and I could buy into her feelings. (Though I think I preferred A.J., the rival for Emma's affections, to Riley. Not sure that was supposed to happen ...) While I thought Emma and Riley's relationship progressed too quickly, that's the 33-year-old me talking. The 21-year-old me would have found everything to be wonderfully romantic ... and that's what makes Eyes Unveiled a great New Adult romance. The romance and passion are there—along with a healthy dose of uncertainty that often accompanies the college years—but there's no sex or foul language.

The faith element in Eyes Unveiled is very light—so light that, had it not been called an inspirational romance in the description, I would have thought it was just a clean romance. I think it will appeal to both girls who are Christians and girls who aren't. It is perfect for those who want to read New Adult romance without the sexual content common to the genre. 3-1/2 stars.

Buy the book. (You can also borrow it free if you're a Prime member.)

Amidst multiple moves up and down the east coast, Crystal received her bachelor of arts from Messiah College in PA, married her exact opposite in upstate NY, and earned her master of arts from Regent University in VA, where she currently resides with her husband. Crystal writes contemporary inspirational fiction fueled by venti green teas from Starbucks.

When not working her accounting day job, she's delving into the wonder of words, supporting her Starbucks habit, or laughing over movie quotes & singing eighties songs with her husband. She'd love to connect with you at

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