Sunday, September 10, 2017

"Adorkable" by Cookie O'Gorman

In my apparent recent quest to read all the YA things, I stumbled across Cookie O'Gorman's Adorkable. I got this one with another awesome Amazon benefit—the Kindle Owner's Lending Library. This allows you to check out one book per month off of a select list (which I think is just about anything available in Kindle Unlimited, but I could be wrong there). There's a much larger selection here than in Prime Reading, but you're limited to one a month. (This is a total bummer right now, as I would be reading O'Gorman's next book, Ninja Girl, at this moment if I could.)

Adorkable (ah-dor-kuh-bul): Descriptive term meaning to be equal parts dorky and adorable. For reference, see Sally Spitz.

Seventeen-year-old Sally Spitz is done with dating. Or at least, she's done with the horrible blind dates/hookups/sneak attacks her matchmaking bestie, Hooker, sets her up on. There's only so much one geek girl and Gryffindor supporter can take.

Her solution: she needs a fake boyfriend. And fast.

Enter Becks, soccer phenom, all-around-hottie, and Sally's best friend practically since birth. When Sally asks Becks to be her F.B.F. (fake boyfriend), Becks is only too happy to be used. He'd do anything for Sal--even if that means giving her PDA lessons in his bedroom, saying she's "more than pretty," and expertly kissing her at parties.

The problem: Sally's been in love with Becks all her life--and he's completely clueless.

This book features two best friends, one special edition Yoda snuggie, countless beneath-the-ear kisses and begs the question:

Who wants a real boyfriend when faking it is so much more fun?

Adorkable is such fun! It's not a perfect book—Sal's mother and best friend are both insufferable, and seriously, is it such an abnormal thing to have never had a serious relationship by age 17? However, it is a fun book!

The highlight of the book is (obviously) Sal's relationship with Becks. They're so cute together! I did hate how Sal was so sure there was no way Becks could have real feelings for her, but I suppose that's believable; he was equally clueless about her feelings for him. Perhaps they were just both really naive! I've always been a fan of fake relationship stories, and this one is done really well. There's even a second fake relationship that springs up out of the first, but I don't want to get too much into that. Let's just say it's loads of fun to read!

I devoured the book in just a couple of hours, and I'm looking forward to reading O'Gorman's next, which features a minor character from Adorkable. 4 stars.

Content note: While the book contains a smattering of very mild curse words, the sexual content never goes beyond a couple heated kisses. PG stuff, for sure.

Buy the book.

Cookie O'Gorman writes YA romance to give readers a taste of happily-ever-after. Small towns, quirky characters, and the awkward yet beautiful moments in life make up her books. Cookie also has a soft spot for nerds and ninjas. Her debut novel ADORKABLE is out now! Her second book NINJA GIRL was released March 30,2017!

Disclosure of Material Connection: I borrowed this book with my Prime membership and chose to review it. The opinions expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission's 16 CFR, Part 255: "Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising."

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