Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Goals for 2018

Welcome to the first Top Ten Tuesday hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl! I figured a change in venue (from The Broke and the Bookish to That Artsy Reader Girl) called for a change in graphic, too! This new graphic makes me happy because a) it's purple, and b) it makes me think of spring. With our recent sub-zero temps here in Nebraska, I'm definitely ready for spring!

Anyway, on to the topic at hand. This week's topic is "Bookish Resolutions/Goals," and it certainly didn't take me very long to come up with ten!

1. Only agree to review books I really want to read

I've gotten so much better about this in the past few years, but there are times I say "yes" to a book when I really should say "no." This happens most often when I'm directly contacted by an author or one of the groups I review with sends out a plea for more reviewers.

2. Read more books "for fun" and less for review

This is an area where I took a gigantic leap forward last year ... but I still could do better. I often feel like I have to give myself permission to read a "just for fun" book, as I have such big review pile. Which leads me to #3 ...

3. Catch up on all those books I've agreed to review and haven't gotten to yet

This is a picture of one of my "for review" piles. (I also have one shelf of a bookshelf filled with books.) It's out of control. The problem lies in the books that don't have actual due dates ... they keep moving farther and farther down the stack. If I could wipe out this pile this year, I'd be ecstatic.

4. Spend no more than $60 on books this year

When you break it down to $5/month, that's only one or two discounted Kindle books each month. And I'm often too quick to pull the trigger when there's a good sale.

5. Utilize my local library more

Here's how I can save money! I recently rediscovered my local library, and now I often have something checked out. My library is great about ordering requested books--so I just need to be patient when I want to read a book, rather than jumping on a Kindle sale. (I do use the Overdrive app for ebooks and audiobooks constantly, but I also just bought a book that was discounted for Kindle because it wasn't available on Overdrive ... even though my library owns a physical copy of the book. I should've taken myself out in the cold, checked out the book, and saved my $2.99.)

6. Read more of the books I've already bought

I joined a "read the books you buy" reading challenge in 2017. I failed miserably (so miserably that I didn't even write another update post after last July. Bad blogger!). But I'd love to get through more of the books I have this year!

7. "Kondo" my physical books again

My bookshelves fill up so quickly! Two years ago, I used the KonMari Method to go through my books and only keep the ones that bring me joy. I've done a decent job of getting rid of books that don't "spark joy," but my shelves could certainly use another going through!

8. Continue the "Book or Movie?" series on the blog

I had so much fun comparing some of Hallmark's Christmas movies with the books they're based on. This is a series that I'd love to make a regular feature!

9. Write reviews of books as soon as I finish reading them

I used to be really good about this, but lately I've often moved on to the next book as soon as I've finished one. Then, by the time I go back to write the review, I have to refresh myself on the story. It would be so much easier and less time consuming if I'd just discipline myself to write the review right away!

10. Read books that are out of my comfort zone

My "comfort zone" reads, the ones I gravitate to above all else, are inspirational romance and contemporary YA romance. I don't think there's anything wrong with mainly reading genres I love. But I also know there's something to be said for branching out and hearing from other voices, and I hope to do more of that this year.

What goals do you have for your reading life this year?

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