Thursday, July 23, 2020

Review: "Louisa" by Beth Troy

After reading Lu. (my review), I couldn't wait to get my hands on the sequel, Louisa. Fortunately, I had an early reader copy on my Kindle!

What happens after salvation – when you’ve changed, but others don’t see it? Author Beth Troy addresses this question from the first page, which finds Lu Sokolowski – the engaging and relatable heroine from Troy’s redemptive debut novel, Lu – back in her hometown with her expectations of a new life, dashed.

Lu has returned to Dunlap’s Creek with a hope to stay, but she struggles to right the wrongs she’d left behind, build a career outside of writing, and move on from the man who has moved on from her.

Louisa is a modern faith story of life after salvation that openly explores:
• The disconnect between who we are and how others perceive us
• The struggle in speaking up for our beliefs
• The question of when to let go and when to fight
• The journey in claiming a new identity

In turns captivating and pointed, Louisa is a novel of a woman coming into the fullness of life God has for her. It’s for women who have experienced this for themselves and for women who doubt whether such a life exists. It’s for women who understand that a life of faith isn’t without struggle or mistakes. Louisa is about restoration – in its grit and glory. 

Louisa picks up right where Lu. left off (as in right there, so you'll definitely want to read Lu. first), and it's all about Lu's struggle to live out her new faith while still being seen as the woman she once was.

In Lu., Lu built a deep friendship with her high school classmate turned pastor, Jackson. While that book was all told from Lu's perspective, Louisa includes chapters from Jackson's perspective, which helps to give the reader a deeper understanding of him and his struggles. But Louisa isn't really a romance (and you'll have to read the book to find out if one develops between Lu and Jackson)—it's a story of faith: what happens when you find it, and how do you reconcile a love for God with the pain His followers inflict on each other?

Louisa features characters in various stages of their relationships with Christ—there's a character to represent just about any reader. And there are also valuable lessons about giving people space to change and grow while also supporting their walk with the Lord.

I felt like a couple plot lines left me hanging and wanting to know more, which was a little frustrating. But by and large, this wrapped up Lu's story well, especially in relation to her family and Jackson. Lu. and Louisa make a great pair, tracing a woman's journey to Christ and then the aftermath of her decision to follow Him. 4 stars.

Note: This book does contain a few swear words.

Preorder the book (affiliate link). 
Read my review of Lu. (4-1/2 stars).

Beth Troy is a writer known for her modern take on Christian fiction through stories that portray an intuitive understanding and relevant application of how women today come to know and experience God. Her debut novel, Lu, was praised by readers for its wit, relatability, grit, and scriptural depth.

Beth lives in Ohio with her husband and three sons, and she teaches courses in Creativity and Women & Entrepreneurship at Miami University. You can read more about her writing and life at her site:

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