Thursday, April 14, 2022

What I'm Reading: January - April Mini Reviews

Hello, friends! I'm on vacation this week, so I'm finally catching up on some things I've neglected recently, like posting reviews! I have actually read more books than I've reviewed on the blog; I've just gotten really lazy about posting! Then I end up getting frustrated with myself when I want to remember what I thought of a book and can't find anything I've written ... so I'm trying to fix that now! 

First up, my new Nichole Van obsession!

Suffering the Scot by Nichole Van

This book marks my introduction to Nichole Van's writing, and as I finished, I knew I needed to immediately get my hands on the second book in the series! Suffering the Scot had me laughing out loud multiple times - which I definitely was not expecting! I also loved the romance - the connection between Andrew and Jane was palpable, and I ached for them to just kiss already :-) I loved every second I spent reading this book! 5 stars.

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Romancing the Rake by Nichole Van

I maybe didn't enjoy this book quite as much as the first book in the series, but it was still wonderful. I loved Rafe and Sophie's connection, and the mystery of Sophie's parentage and Rafe's father's distaste for her kept me flying through the pages. I'm eager to continue the series! 4 stars.

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Love Practically by Nichole Van

Love Practically
was at the top of my March most anticipated reads list, and it turns out it belonged there, as this book is wonderful! Leah and Fox meet as young adults; this encounter brands itself on Leah and informs her choices going forward, while Fox moves on without giving Leah another thought. Twenty years later, Leah is stunned when Fox shows up and asks for her hand in a marriage of convenience. Watching these two fall in love - Leah with the man Fox really is, not her rose-colored image of him, and Fox with the woman he met and forgot - was simply delightful. I also cannot wait to continue this series, which will focus on Leah's brothers. 5 stars.

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Let It Be Me by Becky Wade

I've come to expect excellence from Becky Wade books, and Let It Be Me is no exception! It has a couple with chemistry (in spades), an intriguing mystery (that took a turn I 100% did not anticipate), and a faith thread that feels authentic. This is one of those stories best uncovered for oneself; so much of what I want to say would be spoilery! But trust me when I say that this is a book that is absolutely worth your time. 5 stars.

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A Good Girl's Guide to Murder by Holly Jackson

I listened to the audiobook version, which is what I would absolutely recommend - it definitely gives it a Serial vibe. (Does anyone even remember Serial? Whatever happened to Adnan? Is he still in prison?) The story also has a serial vibe, as it's about a high school girl trying to solve the 5-year-old murder of teenager Andie Bell, whose boyfriend was blamed for the crime. Some aspects of the book are cliched and convenient, but the story is completely fascinating, and I basically couldn't stop listening! 4 stars.

Content warning: Swearing, talk of sexual assault and drug use, description of murder

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