Monday, May 23, 2022

Review: "When the Day Comes" by Gabrielle Meyer

It had me at time travel. (Of course it did!) I will always pick up a time-related book. But this? This is so unique and delightful.

Libby has been given a powerful gift: to live one life in 1774 Colonial Williamsburg and the other in 1914 Gilded Age New York City. When she falls asleep in one life, she wakes up in the other without any time passing. On her twenty-first birthday, Libby must choose one path and forfeit the other--but how can she possibly decide when she has so much to lose?

When I think about other time travel novels I've read, TV shows I've watched, etc., most are someone traveling from the present day to the past, someone traveling from the past to the present, or someone traveling from the future to the present. When the Day Comes is different in that both timelines are set in the past. Libby is living in two timelines that are on the cusp of war: 1774 Williamsburg and 1914 New York. At first, I wasn't sure I'd enjoy two timelines in the past, but I loved every single thing about this novel!

The novel begins when Libby is 13 months shy of her 21st birthday, when she will decide which timeline to remain in for the rest of her life. Though she thinks she knows what she will choose, events in both timelines soon become complicated, throwing a wrench into her plans. Ultimately, she must learn to let God write her story, strange though it is.

I had such complicated feelings as I read - joy, sorrow, fear, revulsion. The first person point of view really serves Libby's story well. There are some big twists (some that I anticipated, others that I did not) and difficult topics, and everything comes together to create an incredibly satisfying novel. I'm thrilled that this is just the first book in the Timeless series, as I can't wait to revisit this world! 5 stars.

Content note: There are some difficult themes, including rape and abuse. Nothing is graphic.

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Gabrielle Meyer grew up above a carriage house on a historic estate near the banks of the Mississippi River, imagining real and make-believe stories about the occupants who had lived there. She went on to work for the Minnesota Historical Society and loves writing fiction inspired by real people, places, and events. She currently resides in central Minnesota on the banks of the Mississippi River, not far from where she grew up, with her husband and four children. By day, she’s a busy homeschool mom, and by night she pens fiction and non-fiction filled with hope. Learn more about Gabrielle and her writing by visiting

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