Tuesday, July 8, 2008

just call me "handy"

The Christmas before I started at Grace, my aunt gave me an odd Christmas present: a screwdriver with four interchangeable tips. She told me it was something every girl should have before going away to college. As strange a gift as it seemed at the time, I've found myself grateful for it over and over again. Here's the thing: Every time I use the screwdriver, I feel like I've accomplished something great. Really all I'm doing is tightening the screws on my desk chair, pounding a nail into the wall (the handle makes a pretty decent hammer), or putting together a bookshelf. But I get that independent, I-don't-need-a-man-to-survive feeling . . . and I really like it! Take the other night, for example. I was rewinding a video when I heard a strange noise coming from the VCR. I tried ejecting the tape, but it was stuck. My first thought was to take the VCR to my dad. As I was unplugging it, though, I noticed four screws on the top panel. I unscrewed them, took off the top, unstuck the tape, rewound it, put the top back on, and watched my movie. And felt very . . . satisfied.


  1. My grandpa gave me the same thing before I went off to college! I used that thing alot, and every time I see it, I think of him...I really miss him sometimes. Of course, now I can rely on all the tools Paul and I have acquired over the years, but that screwdriver is still my favorite!

  2. that's awesome! i totally know what you mean! i feel SO proud of myself any time i can do something i would normally have somebody else do for me! yea, becky!!


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