Monday, July 14, 2008

the night before

In just under 24 hours, I'll join 11 others for a 24 hour (at least!) drive to Bradenton, Florida. We'll be helping with a sports (!) camp and helping clean up/remodel a house. With only 23 hours to go before I have to arrive at church, I should be a little more focused on packing. Instead, I'm downloading music from Amazon. And here's the thing: I'm downloading country music! Did someone perform a brain transplant on me? I've recently become quite captivated by GAC (Great American Country). Country music videos are so interesting! And some of the music isn't half bad, either. Wow, I can't even believe I just typed those words! (My favorite video of the moment is "This Is Me You're Talking To" by Trisha Yearwood. It makes me want to cry . . . and I don't even have a long lost love!)

I'm having serious trouble fitting everything into my suitcase. I think I may have it whittled down enough, provided I really do only have to look "nice" twice. It's so hard to know how much to take--I want to be prepared but not overprepared.

When I was a kid, it used to drive me nuts that Mom always wanted the house picked up and the dishes washed before we left for a vacation. Now, I totally understand. My apartment is a wreck, and I dread coming home to a messy apartment. I'm not sure how much I'll get cleaned up, though . . . especially since I'm sitting here at the computer instead of packing!

On the last day of the sports camp, I have to give the devotional. The theme is "Heart of a Winner," with one lesson based on each letter in "Heart." I have "T"--Trust. The supplied curriculum isn't very helpful as it's full of games and activities, and the devotional is supposed to take place during the kids' snack break. You'd think that with all of the Sparks lessons I've done, this would be a piece of cake. Nope--I'm still nervous, and I still don't know what to say!

Saturday, we're going to Disney World! I've wanted to go for as long as I can remember. I always said I'd go there on my honeymoon . . . but with no honeymoon in the foreseeable future, I'm sure glad we're going now! I wonder if it will live up to what I've built up in my head . . .

I have to throw in a quick plug for Psych. Season three begins on Friday (10/9 central) on USA. It's full of 80's and 90's pop culture references and is a really fun way to spend an hour. If you don't get USA (or you just want to catch up on old episodes), you can watch full episodes here.

I really do need to get to work now . . . I'll try to post again from Florida.

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  1. wow, great post. good to hear from you again. i hope everything goes well with the sports camp and "trust talk"!

    it's funny you mentioned that about country music. for 29 years i couldn't stand country music. then i go thru a breakup and suddenly i find myself drawn to it.

    i am happy you are going to disney, and more than just the outside parking lot! happy trails!


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