Thursday, August 14, 2008

things i love about the olympics (so far)

  • Jason Lezak's amazing comeback in the 4x100 free relay.
  • the Opening Ceremony. They used something like 15,000 performers. It was amazing. (Except for the whole lip syncing thing.)
  • Michael Phelps (and the rest of the US swim team).
  • Alexander Artemev's pommel horse routine. Incredible. (Pommel horse begins at 4:17.)
  • Bela Karolyi, the gymnastics coach turned NBC commentator. To quote my brother, he's "totally unintelligible and very funny." And he's not afraid to take the Chinese to task over the ages of their gymnasts. (Apparently with good reason--this report came out today.)
And finally . . .
  • AT&T's Phelps Phan commercial:

1 comment:

  1. I told Stacey that you loved that commercial, and she says, and I quote, "Seriously, Miss Becky!!!!!!" She HATES this commercial!


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