Friday, August 1, 2008

i am SUCH a nerd!

A few years ago, a friend and I were talking about the kind of people we'd like to marry. After we got past the "must haves," he said, "Now, what do you want?" My answer? "I just want someone to watch Alias with!"

Of course, now I don’t care if I marry someone who likes Alias. But it sure would be nice to be with someone who appreciates LOST like I do! I jumped on the LOST bandwagon the summer after the first season, and I’ve never looked back. The thing about LOST is that half the enjoyment comes from discussing the intricate plot points with others—something that’s hard to do if you watch it alone. During the 06-07 season, I discovered recaps on Then, the recapper started his own LOST blog on Zap2it’s site. People toss around theories, argue about what plot developments mean, and just have fun discussing LOST. When I got home from Florida, I was catching up on the posts, and I saw that a facebook group had started. I joined, of course.

I usually check facebook at lunch, and today I had a friend request . . . from Ryan McGee, Zap2it’s LOST blogger! I actually gasped . . . that’s how much of a dork I am! I know that being facebook friends with someone means virtually nothing, that I will probably never have a conversation with Ryan, and that he most likely “friended” everyone who joined the group. But still: I’M FACEBOOK FRIENDS WITH RYAN MCGEE!!!

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