Sunday, January 4, 2009

field of blood: a confusing yet intersting read

I've never been one for vampire stories, and I don't know much about the vampire legends. So when I picked up Field of Blood, I wasn't sure what to expect. As I read, I was bombarded with terms I didn't understand: Nistarim, Collectors, Akeldama. I would have benefited greatly from a glossary at the beginning or end of the book.

The book is divided into four sections, and I could barely make it through the first. The action jumped back and forth between three or four settings; I didn't feel I had a handle on what was going on in any of those settings. Honestly, the only reason I kept reading was because I had committed to writing a review.

Once I got into the second section, the pace of the story picked up, and I began piecing together what was happening. This book focuses around the house of Ariston, a group of undead Collectors, and Gina, the Romanian girl they are hunting. As Gina learns more about her heritage, the reader is able to understand more of the action and even anticipate some of what is to come.

As this is the first in a trilogy, not much is resolved by the book's end. The action becomes intense in the last several pages as Gina's story finally intertwines with Ariston's, and the end of the book left me curious about what would happen next.

I'm just not sure if it left me curious enough to buy the next book.


  1. I'm not really into vampire books either, but the Twilight series has somewhat perked my interest. I thought I would give the first book a try since a couple of people have recommended it to me. I've thought about writing a review on it (even though it's not a BRB book). So, it's next on my list after I finish reading my BRB book - if I don't get too busy with school in the meantime.


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