Sunday, January 11, 2009

a week of craziness

  • Went back to school. Because we had a snow day on the day that was to be our last day before break, we ran our test block schedule on Monday. Only one of my students was back, though, so I didn't give my final.
  • Had my big toe vaccuumed. Seriously. Val was vaccuuming, and I lifted up my foot to get it out of the way. She lifted up the vaccuum and charged my foot. She thought I was watching; I wasn't, so I didn't know I needed to move my foot. Let's just say that getting your big toe vaccuumed isn't a plesant experience!
  • Learned my reading class would be no more. Got three new students in my Intermediate ESL class, which will now be a writing class.
  • Met with my speech kids. Found out I'd have eight entries for the meet on Saturday. (I thought I'd have two or three, so this was quite encouraging!)
  • Stayed at school late working with speech kids.
  • Stayed up late watching Jon & Kate Plus 8. (I get started watching episodes, and I have such a hard time stopping. And the show only appeals to me when I should be going to bed. I don't know why.)
  • Missed my daily Bible reading . . . so I made it through 5 days before "falling off the wagon." Knew it would happen, but not so soon!
  • Got home from work with only an hour and a half before I needed to be at an Awana directors' meeting. Opened up my lesson book and learned I'd need brownies for an illustration in the lesson. (Yes, I should have looked at my lesson earlier . . .) Since this year's book is on Bible heroes and goes in chronological order, I couldn't really skip the lesson. So I hurredly made box brownies while trying to cram the lesson into my brain.
  • At Awana--our Sparks secretary couldn't be there, which always makes things a bit crazy. I made one girl cry during lesson time. After I announced that I had brownies for everyone, not just for the girl who got one as part of the lesson, the kids tuned me out completely. Plus, we didn't have a sound system like we normally do, so I had to try to yell the story. It hadn't occurred to me to put the brownies into plastic bags, so as the kids took them, they created a trail of crumbs going down the church hallway, and I had to apologize profusely to the church custodian.
  • Val came over after Awana, and we watched Poseidon. It's not a very good disaster movie--Richard Dreyfuss shouldn't have a face at the end of it, part of it is a blatant rip off of Armageddon, and how on earth is there a life raft--with oars--just a few yards away from the overturned ship?
  • Got an email from my yearbook publishing company. Evidently, the cd of our pages that I sent them before Christmas was blank or broken. After a very stressful hour and a half, I got a new cd burned, and Val mailed it for me.
  • Completely slid through a stop sign on my way home. Fortunately, no one was coming.
  • Jon, Beth, Val, and Steph came over to watch Psych. (You really should be watching this show.)
  • Made coffee for all. It was supposed to be cinnamon but kinda smelled like smoke.
  • Framed my cross-stitch project.
  • Got up at 4:30 to get ready for our first speech meet.
  • Spent all day at the meet. I judged twice--serious prose and poetry. I really love judging! My kids did well. I ended up having seven entries, and four of them placed! And our OID beat Minden's . . . which will probably never happen again, but it sure felt good!
  • Didn't eat all day (until I got home), other than a piece of cheese at 5:30 a.m., a Kudos bar at 8 a.m., and some cheese crackers at 9 a.m. I was too busy judging and/or watching my kids perform. (That doesn't usually happen--I can only think of one other speech meet when I didn't really eat . . . normally, the coaches and judges are fed well . . . and I'm sure they were at this meet, too--I just never made it into the coaches/judges lounge!) I also didn't have caffeine all day, and I surprisingly never got a caffeine headache.
  • Crashed on my couch after arriving home. Watched several Monk episodes and knitted a little.
  • Took Val to church with me. We sang one of my favorite worship songs ever--"You Are Holy (Prince of Peace)". Also, Pastor Paul played the pan flute.
  • Went to Ritta Christmas, Part 2. We played this game where we all got presents that had a phrase from "Twas the Night Before Christmas" on the wrapping paper, and when our phrase was read, we had to yell "ho, ho, ho" and open our present, which Gram specially chose for each of us. I got a box of books and this note: "Becky, I know your love for reading. Maybe you can find some books here you haven't read. Enjoy. Maybe you can blog about one of these." Well, Gram, I'll do ya one better--here's a picture of all of them! And here's the wind chime I got from cousin Shawna--I love it!
  • Stayed up way too late blogging.


  1. I LOVED this blog! Although, honestly, I was getting pretty stressed by Wednesday! I guess I could relate to the last minute unpreparedness in teaching, ack!

    I absolutely love that worship song too!!

    Cinnamon coffee sounds good. What kind was it/where did you get it? I have made plain coffee and added a dash or two of cinnamon right on top of the grounds, and that was good.

  2. i just watched the snl sketch. so cute! that tune is so catchy!

  3. I liked this format with bullet points. Sounds like an activity filled week! The coffee sounds yummy!

  4. Yes, the coffee sounds great. Unfortunately, it's not. However, that didn't stop me from giving it to my aunts and cousins at Ritta Christmas! (I got it in cute packages at Wal-Mart for not much money on the after Christmas specials.)

  5. LOL I VACUUMED YOUR TOE!!!!!!!!!! I do not remember that at all! Also, why did I observe your yearbook class? What purpose was there? Maybe it was for my Supervision of School Publications class???

    1. Wow, I don't remember either of those things! I DO remember the smokey coffee, though! Also, why did you take Supervision of School Publications? Sounds like a class I should've taken, though at the time, I never would've guessed I'd end up teaching yearbook!


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