Tuesday, April 7, 2009

missing the internet

Tonight I realized just how dependent I am on the internet.

I turned my computer on as soon as I got home from work, just as I normally do. I checked facebook and my email, and I noticed that it was taking longer than usual to load the pages. Then pages began “timing out” before loading. I looked at my modem and saw that the internet light was orange. Uh-oh. I reset the modem, the internet light turned green, and everything was normal . . . for about five minutes. The light turned orange again. I reset the modem for a second time—only this time, the internet light never came back.

Here’s the most frustrating part: I can’t even call Qwest because I don’t know their number . . . I need the internet to look it up!

I’ve gone days without internet access just fine, so why are a few hours driving me crazy? I think it’s because I’m not doing this by choice. When I go to visit my grandma, or camping, or on a trip, I know that I won’t have internet access, and I choose to go anyway. But I didn’t choose to have my internet go out tonight, and I just want it back!!!

***Two hours after I wrote this in Word, planning to post it from work tomorrow, I looked over at my modem and saw the internet light was green once again. I squealed and rushed over to open Firefox. I'm addicted, I know. This also made me think about what would happen if the internet went down. I use the internet constantly--at work and at home. It's funny to think that 10 years ago, I had just recently gotten email--my family didn't even have the internet yet. But now I can't imagine life without it.

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