Monday, April 20, 2009

who cares about spiders when you can have snakes?

Remember last summer when I spent a week visiting my grandma and being terrorized by horrible spiders? Well, her house doesn't seem to have a spider problem anymore, and I think I know the reason:
Meet our "friend" the snake. I wish I had a clearer picture of him. But here's his skin . . . at least we assumed it was his skin. Now I'm not so sure. Those pictures were taken at Thanksgiving. No one saw the snake at Christmas, so when we were there for Easter, Mom and I decided to go snake hunting. (Why? Because we're clearly mentally impaired!) We didn't find "Blackie" . . . but we did find snake #1: snake #2 and snake #3 Obviously, none of these snakes is the one we saw at Thanksgiving, but snake #2 looks suspiciously like a mini version of that snake. This leads me to four questions:
  1. How many offspring can a snake have?
  2. Just how many snakes are in that basement?
  3. Are any of them poisonous?
  4. Why on earth would my dad just look at the snakes and not try to kill them???


  1. I can't really tell how big snake #3 is in that picture. Maybe you could try to get a better picture the next time you go down there.

  2. OH. MY. GOSH.

    You could not pay me to get that close to any of those!!!

  3. And the story just gets better and better . . . my aunt is there this week, and she has seen two snakes (probably the smaller two in these pics)--not in the unfinished pantry area, but in the finished portion of the basement! And, apparently, they're quite quick, and one even slithered toward her!


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