Monday, September 14, 2009

i'm excited about ...

  • my next book review blogger book: Green by Ted Dekker! I would have bought the book anyway ... but now I get it for free!
  • taking my yearbook staff to the fall yearbook conference in Kearney tomorrow.
  • Homecoming Week, during which I get to wear jeans to work every day. (I usually have to stretch things a bit in order to make jeans fit into each day's theme--for crazy footwear day a couple years ago, I pinned socks to my jean capris--but this year, each day naturally lends itself to jeans!)
  • the start of Singing Christmas Tree practices! (October, I think?)
  • watching more Fringe. I watched the pilot last fall, got bored, and didn't even finish the episode. A couple months ago, a friend who knows I love LOST asked me if I was into Fringe. I told her I wasn't, then she proceeded to tell me why I'd love it. So, I gave it a chance, getting the first disk from Netflix last week. She was right--and I have absolutely no idea why it bored me last fall!
  • hanging with my family tonight, watching Friday's Psych and drinking delicious Sleepy Monk coffee.
  • having my cousin claim my spare bedroom in a couple months.
  • going to Indiana in less than two weeks!!!


  1. I just finished the book Three by Ted Dekker. This was very gripping story, with a weird twist at the end. I will read more by him. I'd like to try some of his earlier christian fiction too.

    Also I finished another Susan May Warren -The Perfect Match. It was okay. I liked the Ted Dekker better.

    Next I am reading Mindy Starns Clark. I am also reading the novel for Fireproof. It's ok so far, but of course the movie is better. I love that movie!

    But thanks for the book suggestions.

  2. I finally finished the book by Robin McGraw for BRB. With moving and everything, I kept getting interrupted, and so I decided it was past time to finish reading it. I'm getting Seaside Letters by Denise Hunter next... a fiction romance book it sounds like. I decided I needed something a little lighter this time.

  3. I just read The Convenient Groom by Denise Hunter, and I loved it ... I hope Seaside Letters is still available after I finish reading Green!

    I haven't read either of the Susan May Warren books you've mentioned, Cari. So far, my favorites of hers are the ones in the Heirs of Anton series that she wrote with Susan K. Downs. I also enjoyed the Mission: Russia series.

    And I'm very excited for Karen Kingsbury's next book, Shades of Blue!

    Karen, I'm clicking over to your blog to read your review right now!


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