Monday, September 14, 2009

lonestar secrets by colleen coble

Shannon Astor, a veterinarian with a young daughter, returns to her small Texas hometown to take over the local veterinary practice. When she arrives, she encounters Jack MacGowan, the man who betrayed her trust in high school … and she discovers he is raising her other daughter, the one she was told died shortly after birth. Shannon and Jack decide to put their differences aside for the sake of the girls, but will Shannon’s secrets and the danger that follows her tear them apart?

If you’ve read even one romance novel in your life, you’ll know that the answer to that question is a resounding “no!” But, as I’ve stated before, no one reads a romance expecting to be surprised by the outcome. Books like this are enjoyable not because of the “will they?” question (we know they will) but because of the journey that gets them there.

The journey in Lonestar Secrets, book two in Coble’s Lonestar series, is a particularly enjoyable one. The plot takes several twists and turns that I wasn’t expecting, and I didn’t figure out the main mystery until it was revealed at the end. I highly recommend this book, and I’ll definitely be reading others by Coble!

(I received this book as part of Thomas Nelson's book review blogger program.)

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  1. I am also a book review blogger, but read this book from the library. The book was okay, but not great. The main character seems to hold a grudge about something petty, especially after the guy apologizes. I didn't really enjoy the sub-plot, but prefered the storyline between the main two characters and the girls best. I have read other books by Colleen Coble too.


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