Saturday, October 31, 2009

speak before the silence

NaNoWriMo begins tomorrow. During the month of November, you probably won't be hearing from me too much--unless I'm procrastinating. Then you might be hearing from me a lot!

Some things to say before I go silent:
  • My incredible cousin Nate, who joined us on our awesome road trip to Oregon, has been selected to the All State band for the second year in a row. Last year he played 3rd trumpet; this year he's playing 1st! I gave him a check for my concert ticket the other day (so Aunty M, if you're reading this and haven't seen a check, go shake your boy down!)--I'm excited for November 20!
  • I made the best hot fudge sauce the other day. It's my great-grandma's recipe. I have fond memories of eating this sauce on vanilla ice cream at her house. Muy delicioso!

  • I'm beginning to seriously think about church membership. I grew up in a church where membership wasn't stressed, and I'd honestly never really thought about officially joining a church before. Some of you will remember that just over a year ago, I decided to switch churches. I wouldn't say that membership is pushed in my new church, but it's definitely encouraged. I'll be writing more about this later, I'm sure!
  • I had the greatest thought last week as I was watching the tail end of an episode of LOST on some cable channel late at night: When LOST comes back in January, I won't have to watch it alone and then bore/confuse my mom with the details at work the next morning. Why? Because Val and her roommate will be able to watch it with me!
  • Watch this video. (Sorry, I couldn't figure out how to embed it here, so you'll have to click through to the website.) Now be jealous of me and my mom--we're going to a Straight No Chaser concert in December!!! Merry Christmas, Mom!


  1. Yippee -- whoohoo! I love reading blogs and finding out something like a Straight No Chaser concert coming up. Thank you, Dear Daughter!

  2. What about your dear uncle?
    Would he be able to go also?

  3. Of course he'd be able to go ... if he wanted to buy his own ticket! :-)

  4. And which dear uncle is anonymously writing?

  5. OK so I don't know if you'll read this cause this is an old post, but I thought it was INCREDIBLLY IRONIC! So I was reading your post about your Radical Commitments, and you linked this one in it...So I decided to read it: You mention Get Married which is CRAZY since we were JUST talking about this a few weeks ago (I thought you said you never finished it???) AND you mention Shades of Blue which I am currently reading and listening to on audio tape...I am a little more than half way through and I have to say it is my MOST FAV fiction book, not to mention best Karen Kingsbury book!!! I think EVERY person who is in a dating/courtship relationship should read is really changed my thinking on some relationship things (in a good way) not to mention i've cried at least twice, and I usually don't even cry at funerals haha! So I just had to comment about the irony of your almost 8 month old post, and I hope you read this b/c this is the LONGEST comment I have EVER left you!!! :)

  6. I HIGHLY recommend that you do!!! If Shades of Blue is my most fav. fiction book, then for sure Get Married is my most fav. non fiction book!

    I'd LOVE to hear what you think of Shades of Blue...well maybe I should finish it all first, kinda bad that it's already my fav fiction book when i haven't yet finished it :)

    Let me know when/if you finished get married, love to know what you think, there is some really interesting chapters and some things i'd never thought about before!

    Candice Watters has twitter, and i told her i requested it from my library and got it, and she replied and was really excited and wanted to know what i thought, so when I was done i sent her this huge 2 page review and was SHOCKED when she replied in like an hour and said she read my review and was very happy and grateful! SO maybe you should e-mail her when you finish it too! :) So glad you saw these old comments, i am getting good at long comments, YIKES!!!


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