Saturday, October 3, 2009

what to do on a completely free day

These things I've done:
  • sleep in
  • watch Thursday's FlashForward
  • rewatch the middle 20 minutes of FlashForward because I was distracted.
  • watch Thursday's The Office.
  • retake the Strong Life Test that goes along with my book review book. Get yet another result for my lead and supporting roles.
  • finish my review of Find Your Strongest Life. Per Thomas Nelson guidelines, it will go up on my blog on Monday.
  • write an expanded review to also post on this blog. Thomas Nelson requests that all reviews are approximately 200 words, but I had so much more to say about this book that I decided to write a regular review and an expanded review.
  • work out while watching the first season of Fringe.
  • make a better-than-Egg McMuffin out of a soft-boiled egg and an English muffin.
These things are yet to be done (and I can virtually guarantee not all of these will happen!):
  • do the dishes
  • go to the parents' for supper
  • read Green
  • take out the trash
  • shower
  • watch Ryan Reynolds on SNL
  • search for speeches for the new speech season
  • go to bed before midnight


  1. i have watched the 2 episodes of FF but have been kind of distracted during them. it seems intriguing though.

    thanks for the link to the strong life test. i am eager to read your review.

    good for you for working out!!

    yep, just as i figured, i forgot about ryan reynolds & snl.

  2. The opening sketch was hilarious, but the rest of it wasn't very funny.

    I think FlashForward will be a good distraction while I wait for Lost!


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