Wednesday, May 12, 2010

dear damon & carlton,

(Note to all you non Lost-obsessed readers: 1. Damon and Carlton are Lost's producers/masterminds. 2. I promise I won't write about Lost too often. But for now, just humor me ... I'm sure I'll soon post something you're more interested in. Speaking of, be sure to enter the most recent book giveaway! 3. If you subscribe via Google Reader, I apologize for the unfinished post--though you might not ever see this apology since you already got the first version--I accidentally hit ctrl+p instead of ctrl+i, and it posted before I was ready!)

After watching the recent carnage on Lost, I have four words for you: Jack better not die.

As Lost wraps up (only 3 1/2 hours to go), I knew that some beloved characters would die. Sayid's death didn't surprise me at all, and I was pleased to see him snap out of his "funk" in order to save several other characters. If Lapidus is truly dead (and I don't see how he could survive the hatch door to the face which knocked him out in a waterlogged and sinking sub), his death didn't have much of a punch, sandwiched as it was between the deaths of three main characters. I couldn't believe Sun & Jin died as they did, especially just one episode after finally being reunited. Their deaths made me realize that no one is safe ... except, hopefully, Jack.

In the past few days, I've been considering the deaths that are sure to come. While I love many of the characters, I've come to the conclusion that there's only one death I won't be able to stomach: Jack's. Kate? I could do without her--especially if she isn't going to end up with Jack. Claire? She's hardly been part of the show for so long that I don't care so much about her anymore. Miles? He's hilarious, but I've never been completely invested in him. Sawyer? I love Sawyer ... and his death would make me sad. But if I had to choose between Sawyer and Jack I'd choose Jack in a heartbeat. Desmond, Penny, and little Charlie? They are a wonderful little family, and I'm glad they got their "happily," even though they might not get the "ever after." Again, their deaths would be tragic, but not a deal breaker (though perhaps Desmond's "special" nature will keep him from dying???). Ben? I used to scream for his death--literally. He seemed so evil. But now he's had a bit of redemption, and I'd like for him to live. Something tells me he won't make it to the final scene, though, and I'm okay with that. And Hurley? Losing Hurley would smart ... but again, I'd choose Jack over Hurley.

Bottom line: If Lost ends as my sister suggested tonight, with a shot of Jack's open, dead eye to mirror the pilot's first shot of Jack's eye opening in the jungle, I'm going to be very upset. (Though I must admit, I do like the idea of the series ending with a shot of Jack's eye, as long as he isn't dead!)

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