Monday, May 24, 2010

the end

Well, friends, Lost is over. So many questions were left unresolved, but at this point, less than a day after viewing the finale, I find that I don't care so much about the questions because the finale was so emotionally satisfying. (If you watch Lost but for some insane reason haven't watched the finale yet, you might want to stop reading now. And then go to and watch the finale!)

The show went full circle, beginning with Jack's eye snapping open in the jungle and ending with Jack's eye closing in the jungle. (Yes, my sister did fairly accurately predict the last image.) Over the next few days, just about every Lost fan with a blog will be writing about the finale, and I want to get my two cents worth in, as well.

What worked:
  • Watching the characters "wake up" and remember their island lives in the Sideways world. Sawyer and Juliet's meeting was the best for me ... and they paid off Juliet's dying words to Sawyer in the season premiere. I also loved that Charlie and Claire got to be together again.
  • Hurley's grin when he saw Charlie (who, ironically, didn't actually "wake up" until he touched Claire, even though he set the chain in motion by "waking up" Desmond), followed closely by Jin's expression when he saw Sawyer.
  • Kate and Jack professing their love for each other and their final kiss. 
  • The Smoke Monster/NotLocke's comment to Jack about being the chosen one, which perfectly reflected what I thought last week when Jack volunteered to take Jacob's place: "I expected to be more surprised. You're kind of the obvious choice, don't you think?" That made the Hurley twist at the end even sweeter. 
  • Hurley invites Ben to help him take care of the island. And then Ben apologizes to Locke for killing him. Ah, Ben ... you really did become a good guy, didn't you?
What didn't work:
  • Titanic? Seriously??? I hated Titanic thirteen years ago, and I hate it today. (I'm actually okay with what the Sideways world ended up being ... I think ... but when I made the Titanic connection, I just about lost it. Just ask Blendy!)
  • Shannon is Sayid's true love? I don't buy that for an instant.
  • Where were Michael and Walt?
All in all, great show, satisfying finale. At least that's what I think today ...


    1. I'm not convinced that Shannon is Saiyid's true love necessarily, but remember the comment that these were the people that mattered because they defined who you were?? That is why Shannon was 'the one' with Saiyid. (that's my theory anyway). I confess that Walt and Michael going missing WAS confusing.
      -Caryn Roberts

    2. Caryn, you've watched the entire series much more recently than I have and definitely remember more of the Sayid/Shannon relationship. Why would Shannon define Sayid more than Nadia would?

    3. I never watched ONE episode of lost in my life...I know, shocker huh!?

      My parents have watched since the first season though...

      Heard so many mixed reactions, most things i've read people hated the finale!


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