Friday, August 6, 2010

i can't stop listening

So the Newsboys released their new album last month. I liked them back in the day, but I was never a super fan. Take Me To Your Leader came out my freshman year of high school, and while I enjoyed the album (especially "Breakfast" and the title track), I can't even remember what most of the songs sound like. I did buy--and liked--Adoration, but I never listened to it that much. Then, when Amazon was having one of their $5 mp3 album sales, I got In the Hands of God; it's been on my iPod since then ... and I think I've skipped it every time it's come up! (Side note: This month, over 1,000 albums are $5. Insane!) 

Contrast that with my beloved dc Talk. I could sing every line of every song on Free At Last--in fact, I still listen to it on a semi-regular basis. The only two dc Talk albums I don't own are their first two. If they were still releasing new material, I'd buy it in a heartbeat.

I was, needless to say, intrigued when I learned Michael Tait would be joining the Newsboys. I didn't really think about how Tait would affect the Newsboys' sound ... I just hoped that TobyMac and the Newsboys might go on tour together and pull out a little old school dc Talk! (Which sort of happened--see it here on YouTube.) My friend Kensy got the album soon after it came out, and she loved it. I still wasn't sure, though--I just haven't been excited about the Newsboys lately. Then I heard "Born Again" on the radio ... and it sounded so dc Talk-ish that I couldn't resist! I downloaded the whole album; now I can't stop listening to it! A lot of Amazon reviewers have been complaining that the album doesn't sound like the Newsboys. That's true--and I like it for precisely that reason!

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  1. I REALLY like this blog :)

    I will never forgot that day in maybe two years ago almost, yikes! We were all working and talking and you mentioned that Newsboys got a new lead singer, and it was Michael you I never really listened to Newsboys...I love "Something Beautiful" and the songs on the radio are alright, but their former lead singer was just so distinct. I remember thinking, well that will be the end of their reign. I just couldnt comprehend how they could make that drastic of a change, and still be called Newsboys.

    Months went by...I looked online didnt see anything about a lead singer change...then a year...I thought of it maybe 4 months ago, and thought maybe it was just a rumor! Then I was watching Gospel Music Channel and the music video came on, which was incredibly different than whats on the CCM scene now...Come to find out it was Born Again!

    I thought, oh it is true, that's a great song...but never anticipated the full album, bc 99% of the time, most artist have ONE incredible song, and all the others do not even come CLOSE to measuring up. I have ONE album that I love the whole thing (Francesca Battistelli, My Paper Heart)

    My brother and I constantly struggle to find music we can listen to together, he loves Christian rap/hip hop. I cant stand it, even though I appreciate their ministry, I listen to CCM...My brother and I were driving, and the radio was on softly in the background, all of a sudden he cracks it, and says i just love this sonng! It was born again....I check the Christian section of itunes every Tuesday, and that day in July I saw the born again album! Listened to the samples, and bought the album. Brother and I went to lincoln that day filled with wonder as we listened together, and then I sent a friend a text! ;)

    Congrats, you made it through reading this riduculously long comment!!! :) ***OH AND IF I AM NOT MISTAKEN, IT IS SOMEONE'S SPECIAL DAY TOMORROW!!!! :)))))


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