Saturday, January 22, 2011

o tannenbaum!

Today is Saturday, January 22, 2011. If you step into my living room, this is what you will see:

That's right, my Christmas tree is still up, nearly one month after Christmas. Why? Because I just can't bear to take it down. I love the ambiance it creates, the soft glow that lights a darkened room. And there's this:

I always struggle to find time to read the Bible. But the thought of lying on the floor, reading God's Word by the soft glow emanating from the tree beckons to me, and I end most of my evenings reading under the tree.

I know the tree will need to come down soon (a potential house buyer could come at any time), but I think I need to spend a few more evenings under the tree!


  1. You could always buy a large plant and hang white lights on it. Still get the ambiance, and appropriate all year long.

  2. Nice thought, Beth ... except that I am still death to plants!


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