Friday, September 2, 2011

a deal for your kindle

You know I love telling you about books. (Eighty-three book reviews and counting!) You know I love Amazon.You may or may not know that Karen Kingsbury is my favorite author. So I'm especially excited to tell you about this deal: Right now, the Cody Gunner series--A Thousand Tomorrows and Just Beyond The Clouds--is currently available for your Kindle (or free Kindle app) for $1.99!

Admittedly, A Thousand Tomorrows isn't my favorite Karen Kingsbury book (it may even be my least favorite), but a "bad" Kingsbury book is still better than most other books I've read! A Thousand Tomorrows is Cody and Ali's story. They meet and fall in love on the pro rodeo circuit, but tragedy awaits. Because it's been several years since I read the book, I can't remember what exactly I didn't like--except I do know I didn't like Ali very much. I also remember bawling like a baby at a pivotal moment, so Kingsbury still gets to my emotions even when I'm not enjoying the plot!

Just Beyond the Clouds, though, is a different story. I really enjoyed this book, although I was hesitant to read it due to my negative reaction to its predecessor. This book picks up after (GIANT SPOILER ALERT!) Ali's death. It centers around Cody's brother, Carl Joseph. Carl Joseph has Down's Syndrome, and in the wake of Ali's death, Cody becomes incredibly overprotective. (Apparently Carl Joseph was also in A Thousand Tomorrows, but as I blocked nearly everything about the book, I didn't remember that when I read Just Beyond the Clouds.) Carl Joseph's teacher, Ellie, believes he should be independent, putting her at odds with Cody. There's also a wonderful subplot involving Carl Joseph's love life. This is a book that I highly recommend!

Here's the deal: $1.99 for a Karen Kingsbury book is amazing. $1.99 for two? Fantastic! If I didn't already own Just Beyond the Clouds (and have this thing about owning physical copies of Kingsbury's books), I would buy these books in an instant! Even if you find that you, like me, don't really enjoy A Thousand Tomorrows, Just Beyond the Clouds will more than make up for it. Enjoy!

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  1. This is a great deal! I've read A Thousand Tomorrows (and own the book), but I don't think I've read Just Beyond the Clouds. And I have a thing about owning "physical" Karen Kingsbury books too! :)


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