Monday, November 28, 2011

it's beginning to look a lot like christmas!

My roommate moved out today. I'm sad to see her go, but I'm excited to see where God takes her over the next year. She's going on tour with the World Orphans Choir, and you can follow her adventures here. I normally would have decorated my house the day after Thanksgiving, but I decided to wait until today so she wouldn't have to deal with all my stuff while she was trying to pack. Tonight, Blendy came over to help me decorate. I'm quite pleased with the results!
I got my grandma's tree—it's definitely a step up from my old one!
This is the Nativity we had growing up. Obviously, the pieces didn't all come from the same set, but I still love it.
I finally got a wreath for my door! I moved out of my parents' house more than six years ago, and I'm just now getting a wreath.
I wish you could see the "Joy" better—it's my favorite Christmas decoration. This is in my living room.
No, my ceiling's not on fire ...
Now that my decorating is complete, I think I'll wrap some presents while watching a Christmas movie!


  1. No two ceilings are not on fire.

    Also, why isn't "Joy" a year-round decoration? Does Christmas have a monopoly on joy?

  2. Funny, but I never thought about the fact that the Wise Men are obviously from a different Nativity Set...I was always so distracted by the king who's turning completely green...had a love/hate/strangely-fascinated-with relationship with that one.

    The Dook has a point about JOY - but at least you don't have a sign that says "happiness," cuz we all know that isn't Christian (wink, nudge).

  3. everything looks beautiful!! nice to see pictures of your place!

    i got a kick out of your stove/oven. we had a ton of appliances in that color growing up: washer, dryer, fridge, oven... it's "harvest gold" in case you were wondering. :)

  4. @Very Sleepy Girl—"Harvest Gold" sounds so much nicer than "Hideous Yellow," which is what I like to call it!

    @Andrew—No, but Christmas does seem to have a monopoly on glittery, silver decorations. Also, I don't understand your first sentence.


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