Sunday, November 27, 2011

'tis the season for christmas movies

I love Christmas movies. I generally only watch them at Christmas, but once the season hits, they're pretty much the only movies I watch. (This year, I started early—a couple weeks before Thanksgiving.)

Cable TV is a Christmas movie lover's dream. Lifetime, Hallmark, and ABC Family all have Christmas movie marathons, and they all produce their own Christmas movies to boot. If you don't have cable, do you have to miss out on all the sappy, romantic goodness?

No. Thanks to this marvelous thing called the internet, cable-less movie lovers still have a wealth of Christmas films at their disposal. Many are available free through Hulu, ABC Family, Lifetime, and Hallmark. (Lifetime's list still says "Coming Soon," but they should be available in a few days.) Still more are available through Netflix.

Of course, these films range from the ridiculous to the sublime. But if you're looking for some good Christmas movies, check out the links above; I'm sure you'll find something you'll like! (Unfortunately, my favorite Christmas movie, A Holiday to Remember, isn't online right now, but if you do have cable, you can catch it on Lifetime in December!)

I've also reviewed several Christmas movies on my other blog recently. For those that I know you can watch online, I've included the links.

Do you love Christmas movies as much as I do? Which one is your favorite? Post it in the comments, and if we can watch it online, leave a link!


  1. I love A Holiday to Remember! Gotta love Randy Travis..:) And my favorites are The Christmas List (as I've noted in my blog before :), It's a Wonderful Life, Borrowed Hearts, and Elf. Those are the ones I can think of. I pretty much love most Christmas movies though. :)

  2. I triple dog DARE you to name one Christmas movie that qualifies as "sublime" - unless you're referring to the Nativity Story, or something similar, and we both know those aren't the kind of Christmas movies you're about!!! On an interesting side note,it took me a long time to realize that the Pecos Bill cartoon from the library isn't a Christmas movie since we watched it during that one blizzard from my childhood. :)

  3. @Val—Ever heard of White Christmas? I'll give you the fact that I'm mainly talking about TV movies, though ...

    Also, while I never think of it as such, While You Were Sleeping could be considered a Christmas movie.

  4. @Holly—Borrowed Hearts is one of my all-time favorites! Also, Holiday in Handcuffs, which I mentioned in the "My Life in Films" post, is streaming on I'm also looking forward to 12 Dates of Christmas, which stars Mark-Paul Gosselaar!

  5. There are so many classic christmas films that I love. A modern fav of mine is The it! What a sweet predictable story :)

  6. @Thank You Gifts—I like The Holiday, too ... especially the Kate Winslet story line! Haven't watched it in a while; I may have to dig it off my shelf and pop it in the dvd player!


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