Thursday, February 2, 2012

it's dc Talk ... sort of!

I love dc Talk. This statement will come as no surprise to anyone who has known me very long. One of the biggest regrets from my teen years is that I never saw dc Talk live, and I've often said that I would travel ridiculous distances and spend insane amounts of money to see them on tour, should they ever decide to reunite. (Seeing them live made my "35 before 35" list—if sheer willpower could make them reunite, they'd be on tour tomorrow!)

So in all my love for dc Talk, I'm not sure how I missed this: The Newsboys released a new album last November, and Kevin Max joins them for two songs! ("God's Not Dead" and "I Am Second") Why is that a big deal? Because Michael Tait is the lead singer of the Newsboys now. When you throw Tait and Kevin Max together, it almost, almost sounds like old-school dc Talk ... all that's missing is tobyMac's rapping!

You can preview the new Newsboys album God's Not Dead here. You can even get a free download of the "God's Not Dead" single! Listen to it and pretend, for an instant, that the whole gang's back together again. And maybe if I keep wishing and hoping, it'll actually happen one day!


  1. You're not the only one who would LOVE it if DC Talk reunited!!

    1. Maybe when (not if—we have to think positively!) they go on a reunion tour, we could meet up at one of the stops!


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