Wednesday, February 29, 2012

we "choose to lose"

Wish us luck. Blendy and I have just begun a diet. It's Chris Powell's carb cycling diet—he's the guy on Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition. Blendy is following a modified version of the diet, but I'm trying to follow it to a "t" (including the recommended exercises) ... for at least a month. Then I'll reevaluate. For now, though, I'm eating lots of chicken, Greek yogurt, and green beans (because that's the only vegetable besides corn that I can handle eating in large quantities, and corn is deemed too starchy for low carb days), and I'm drinking lots of protein shakes. On this diet, one day is a high carb day, and the next is a low carb day. The thing I absolutely love about it is that on high carb days, you can have a cheat meal, where you eat anything you want! Today is a low carb day, so no cheating ... but I'm really looking forward to the asiago steaks Blendy is making for supper!

A friend is following a similar plan and has dropped two pant sizes in just under a month, so I have high hopes for this diet! Even if I don't lose lots of weight, though, I think the diet will be beneficial. After losing 20 pounds two years ago, I went back to my old eating habits and gained back 10 of the 20 pounds. So this should at least help me get my eating under control again!

You can get more information at Chris's website,, or from the book. Like I said at the beginning of this post, wish us luck!


  1. Ooh...thanks for the tip. I just requested it from the local library. =)

    1. One GREAT thing about this diet is that it's all outlined in the book—no need to sign up for a program—and once you get down the portion sizes, it's pretty easy to follow.


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