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"revolutionary" by krista mcgee

Revolutionary (Anomaly #3)
Release Date: 07/15/14
Thomas Nelson Publishers
About the book (from Goodreads): All her life Thalli thought she was an anomaly. Now she must use her gifts to fulfill the role she was called to play: Revolutionary.

Back in the underground State against her will, Thalli is no longer the anomaly she was before. She has proven herself to be a powerful leader aboveground and returns with information that Dr. Loudin needs to complete his plan of uniting the world under one leader: himself. But he, too, has information. A secret he has kept from Thalli her entire life. A secret that, once revealed, changes everything about the person Thalli thought she was.

Hoping to help Thalli rise up against the Scientists, both Berk and Alex join her underground, but their presence only brings more trouble for her. Now Dr. Loudin knows just the leverage to use on his captive, and she is forced to choose between the two of them. Is her first love her true love? Or does Alex ultimately claim her heart?

Unsure of everything around her, including her own identity, Thalli doesn’t know where to turn. She knows she needs the Designer, but he seems further away than ever. What she does know, though, is that if she doesn’t do something to stop Loudin, the fragile world aboveground will be lost once and for all.

My take: Revolutionary is an incredibly satisfying conclusion to McGee's Anomaly series. It's hard to really talk about it without spoilers because So. Much. Happens. So let me just say that the way everything wraps up is brilliant. The truth about Thalli and why she is the way she is makes so much sense, though I didn't ever guess it (I'm thinking I should have, but I was convinced McGee was going in a different direction). The ending is fitting and bittersweet—as would be expected from a series in this genre, several characters give their lives in the pursuit of freedom.

Once again, one of my favorite aspects is how the Designer fits into the story. In previous books, Thalli was learning about Him and relying on Him, but in Revolutionary she really comes to a crisis of faith, as she feels the Designer isn't hearing her. What Christian hasn't gone through that? I felt like Thalli's journey of faith was very realistic and something teens could easily identify with.

In a world of dystopian teen novels like The Hunger Games, Matched, and Divergent (which I enjoy, don't get me wrong!), it's refreshing to read a series that is equally entertaining but comes from a Christian perspective. I highly recommend this series to teens and anyone else who enjoys YA fiction.

My rating: 5 stars (for both the book and the series)

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About the author: Krista McGee writes for teens, teaches teens, and more often than not, acts like a teen. She and her family have lived and ministered in Texas, Costa Rica, and Spain. She currently lives in Florida.

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  1. I've read the first two books in the series and absolutely loved them, I soooo can't wait to read this one!!!

    1. I'm sure you'll love it! Hope you get to read it soon!

  2. I loved the first two books and can't wait to read the last one. Thank you for the review and giveaway. If I win, after I read the last book I will be sending the books to a mission school overseas to add to the library! sarah_purcats (at) Hotmail {dot} com

    1. I love that idea, Sarah! I'm sure the kids would love the books!


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