Thursday, October 1, 2020

Review: "Dreamwalker" by Carrie Cotten

While fantasy/sci-fi/speculative fiction isn't usually my thing, something about the description of Dreamwalker drew me in, and I knew I wanted to read Andy's story ...

Andromeda Skye Stone has always been different. She didn't even fit in among her nomadic, free-spirited caravan family. Her feelings of being a misfit were only made worse by her unusual gift. For as long as she could remember, Andy could go to sleep and walk in the dreams of others. Andy had spent her life feeling like she was different, like something was always missing.

When she began working in a top-secret government research organization known only as "The Agency," Andy thought, perhaps, she’d finally found her purpose using her unique talent to help people and save lives. Little does she know, her next mission will be the greatest, most dangerous challenge of her career.

If she survives... will this mission finally help her discover her true identity and who she's meant to be? Will her greatest enemy end up being her own weakness?

Dreamwalker is the emotional and intense story of an outcast girl's journey to faith, redemption, and strength through surrender.

Full of action and intrigue, Dreamwalker is basically a giant guessing game for the reader. Who is Andromeda? Why does she have the abilities she has? Just how powerful is she? What is her purpose? Some of these questions are answered in the book, and some, I'm guessing, are being saved for the sequel 😉

As I read, I found myself totally swept into the novel, and I loved watching everything unfold. The book is written in first person from Andy's point of view, so the reader literally only knows what Andy knows when she knows it - which contributed to the guessing game aspect and was really fun for me. I also loved how the gospel was woven into the novel; there's a strong but not heavy handed faith thread. And I am very interested in learning more about Andy's family; it feels like there could be a whole novel written about the women who came before her!

The one aspect of the novel that didn't wholly satisfy me was the romance. To me, it felt more like a romance of proximity than a deep and abiding connection between two people, and I think the reason for that is the reader is told that Andy is falling for Will, rather than shown. I didn't feel much chemistry between them, which led me to not buy into the romance.

However, the romance is but a small part of this novel, and I really liked the rest of it! This is a great novel for teens and beyond who are looking for a Christian novel with fast-paced action and suspense. 4 stars.

Buy the book (affiliate link).

Carrie is a recent transplant to the Appalachian mountains where she and her family are trying their hand at homesteading in the tranquil community of Grassy Creek, North Carolina. By day she is a homeschooling mom of four and by night, a writer of intense, emotional and intriguing christian fiction novels.

While she has been writing her whole life, Dreamwalker is her first complete and published novel. Her ultimate goal is to share the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ through her words. Her characters, though dealing with unbelievable situations experience real, raw, and believable faith.

You can learn more about Carrie by visiting her website or following her on instagram @authorcarriecotten.

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