Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Review: "His Disinclined Bride" by Jennie Goutet

The "Seasons of Change" Regency romance series is one I've been slowly reading through, so I jumped at the opportunity to read the latest book, His Disinclined Bride, for review.

Theirs is not a love match. She’ll make sure of it.

Kitty Stokes never imagined she’d be so weak as to sacrifice herself on the altar of family obligations, but when the only alternative to marriage with Lord Hayworth is to play nursemaid to her brother’s children, Kitty reluctantly agrees. On her wedding day, she’s certain she has made a grave error, but it’s too late to back out.

Phineas Hayworth refrained from setting eyes on his new bride before their wedding day—the price he forced himself to pay for being so mercenary as to wed the sister of a wealthy merchant in a bid to save his estate from ruins. Her beauty, therefore, comes as a shock, as does her icy treatment, which he feels he deserves. He swears an oath he will not approach her for an heir unless the invitation comes from her.

As Phineas sets out to put his estate in order and present his new wife to Society, he finds her more enchanting than he could have hoped for, even in a love match. Kitty continues to hold him at arm’s length, although he suspects her feelings for him run just as deep. As Phineas’s love and desire for his wife grows, the oath he swore her begins to suffocate. It soon becomes clear that while he’d once been prepared to settle for a loveless marriage, he will not abide an unrequited love.

His Disinclined Bride is a sweet/clean regency romance stand-alone novel, book seven in the Seasons of Change series.

His Disinclined Bride is a well-written, engaging story. I liked watching Phineas and Kitty get to know one another, and I appreciated Phineas's determination to be respectful of Kitty and not force her into intimacy before she was ready. That said, Phineas does seem awfully preoccupied with beginning that aspect of marriage. I suppose it's natural, but it was a little off-putting to read about it constantly. (To be clear, there is absolutely nothing descriptive about the thoughts the reader is privy to; it's just that he seems to always be thinking about sex [except when he's wondering if Kitty is unfaithful, which, I guess, is also tied to sex].)

Phineas clearly grows through the novel, as evidenced by his evolving relationship with his parents and his slow understanding of his wife. I also appreciated that, while there are clear villains in the story, nothing over the top happens. Once people are dealt with, that's the end.

Overall, I enjoyed this sweet marriage of convenience romance. It's a great entry in the Seasons of Change series. 4 stars.

Note: As stated above, there's more of a focus on the physical side of marriage than I see in many sweet/clean romances. I don't think it goes into inappropriate territory, but it is something to be aware of.

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Jennie Goutet is an American-born Anglophile, who lives with her French husband and their three children in a small town outside Paris. Her imagination resides in Regency England, where her historical romances are set. Jennie is also author of the award-winning memoir,
Stars Upside Down, and the modern romances, A Sweetheart in Paris and A Noble Affair. A Christian, a cook, and an inveterate klutz, Jennie writes about faith, food, and life—even the clumsy moments—on her blog, aladyinfrance.com. You can learn more about Jennie and her books on her author website, jenniegoutet.com.

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