Wednesday, October 29, 2008

i stand corrected

Sometimes I forget that in the age of the internet, you can connect with practically anyone. (Thus, I am Facebook friends with my favorite Lost blogger.) I was reminded of this fact when I received a comment on my last post from Eric Wilson. Who is Eric Wilson, you ask? He's the guy whose book I'll soon be reviewing for Thomas Nelson.

Here's what he had to say:
Just to clarify, I started pitching the idea for my series before Twilight even came out. I would never try to capitalize on the success of something else. I despise it when Christians try to imitate the worldly successes. I write what I want to write--usually to my own detriment.

Thanks for giving it a chance, though.
I'm glad he wrote. Although my blog is mainly filled with personal opinions and reflections, I do want to be as accurate as possible. My statement yesterday about Wilson's book capitalizing on Twilight's success was pure conjecture; now that I know it's false, I want to be sure my readers know that, too.


  1. That's crazy! Welcome to Becky's blog, Eric!

  2. I liked his "I came up with my idea on my own" comment, but I agree that on the part of the publisher, it is likely an attempt to cash in on the Twilight/vampire connection

  3. Thanks for "standing corrected." Mainly, I just wanted to let readers know that my trilogy is like nothing else you'll find in the vampire genre. Guaranteed.

    As for the publisher, yes, all publishers are in this business to make money, and they pay attention to the genres that are selling. When I first pitched the book, though, the Stephenie Meyer rage hadn't hit yet, and in fact some were proclaiming that the genre was--pardon the pun--dying.

    I wrote what I wanted/needed to write, regardless.

    Hope you get to check out Field of Blood at or at Amazon.


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