Wednesday, October 8, 2008

update on my goals

So, here's how I did:
  • read 50-100 pages of Lynne Spears' autobiography I actually finished the book last night.
  • begin jotting down thoughts for review of said book No notes, but I did start thinking about the review. I stumbled upon an opportunity to get a free book in exchange for writing a 200-word review and posting it on Amazon and on my blog. So look for that sometime in the next week.
  • work on my novel If typing a page I wrote in Steph's notebook on our trip counts as working on the novel, then I succeeded.
  • wash dishes Who was I kidding???
  • call Val Called, left message.
  • flip between NCIS and Dancing with the Stars Nixed NCIS in favor of Dancing. I made the wrong choice.
  • grade journals Didn't happen.
  • upload pictures from Canada trip Spent over an hour editing pictures in Picasa and uploading them to Facebook. Check out the album here.
  • have dinner with the fam Goulash. Delicious.
  • unpack Took clothes out of suitcase, put clean ones on the floor and dirty ones in the hamper. So I sort of succeeded.
  • go to bed before midnight Lights out at 11:30.

1 comment:

  1. this is a cute blog idea. i might have to steal/borrow it from you sometime :)


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