Monday, October 27, 2008

thoughts from six hours in parent-teacher conferences

  • We should have scheduled conferences. Then I wouldn't have to sit here for six hours waiting for 10 parents to come through.
  • I really love proofreading. How do I become a freelance proofreader?
  • Smart move turning my phone to vibrate. The chorus of "So Happy Together," for some reason I can't remember, is the ringtone I've set for the school. Since Mom was in the office, and I was in the gym, she called me several times to give people messages, etc. If "I can't see me loving nobody but you . . ." suddenly came blaring from my phone, well, that would be pretty embarrassing and could lead to lots of unwelcome questions!
  • Four hours in, and I've talked with four sets of parents. Six to go . . . I'm betting I'll only see one or two more, though.
  • One minute later, I've seen another set of parents.
  • I just got a big hug from one of my three favorite little boys, and then he "helped" me cross-stitch . . . I've missed seeing him since I switched churches!
  • I am, right now, missing Chuck. I only watch sporadically, but I really enjoyed last week's episode guest starring Cory. Ah, how I loved Boy Meets World!
  • Just chatted with another of my favorite boys in the world. I see him every week at Sparks and every once in a while at school, but I still loved seeing him!
  • 7:38. None of my parents (save ones I've already talked to) are even in the room. Can I go home now?
  • Talked with my Sparks co-director. We need to make some changes regarding our leaders. We meet with them practically every week after club . . . are they at the point where they don't even hear what we're saying?
  • Finally put away my cross-stitch. Gym lighting is not conducive to putting a needle through small holes.
  • Swapped stories with one of the science teachers for a few minutes. Four minutes to go!
  • 8:00 sharp. I'm out of here!


  1. This post was immensely enjoyable. Your boredom was so palpable I could cut it with a knife! I vote yes, you do start scheduling parent-teacher conferences. And implement a dunk tank. That would make it much more enjoyable!

    Was it Tobes? I MISS TOBES!!!

    I like reading your posts. Do them more often.

  2. If you would teach more, you would see more parents. Were there long lines at other teachers? I was glad aunty M went so I could keep working. Have a lot to do if we are going to be albe to leave on Friday.

  3. Nope, not Tobes. He was too busy playing on the playground to come see me.


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