Monday, August 24, 2009

today i . . .

  • got up earlier than I have in months. Thanks, school.
  • drank delicious French Vanilla coffee sent to us by Val's roommates.
  • drank delicious Vietnamese coffee brought in by the principal.
  • met with our new yearbook rep. He introduced me to an online design program that could make my life a whole lot simpler.
  • googled a phrase I thought was from a Bible verse. Nope! It was from a song we sang at CCC!
  • went to a Student Council meeting. Yup, the girl who never had any interest whatsoever in student government is now the StuCo sponsor!
  • taught my first with-a-textbook reading lesson of the year. Drove one poor student over the edge--he couldn't understand the story at all!
  • watched a really funny Reba episode. Seriously, if you need a laugh, find Reba!
  • ate a Wendy's spicy chicken sandwich. Not as awesome as I'd hoped.
  • went back to school for the annual back-to-school night where parents walk through their students' schedules.
  • absolutely roasted in the gym. Decided to be thankful I only had to spend 20 minutes there instead of an entire volleyball practice.
  • had a very awkward session with the parents of my 6th hour yearbook students. I went through my little spiel, answered a couple questions, then just stood there for four minutes while everyone looked through copies of last year's yearbook.
  • came home to an unbearably humid apartment. Immediately turned on the air conditioning.
  • finally, after putting up with the chorus of "Who Can Compare" running through my head all day, decided to buy the cd. Found it online--I thought I'd have to order it from the church--and downloaded it immediately.
  • realized how much I miss CCC and decided that Val and I need to plan a trip to Winona Lake.
  • looked at the clock, did the math for how much sleep I could get if I went to bed immediately, and proceeded to go on facebook.

1 comment:

  1. what a fun post!
    i am gradually getting up-to-date on your blogs. i have quite a backlog. don't take it personally.


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