Monday, August 3, 2009

faith & pop culture

How does pop culture fit in with our faith? That's a question that many Christians find themselves asking, and it is directly to that question that the Christianity Today Study Series speaks in the book Faith & Pop Culture.

This book is meant to be a study guide used in a small group setting. Comprised of eight chapters, each one speaks to a different aspect of pop culture and how it relates to faith. This book poses many questions but does not attempt to answer them. Rather, it invites the reader to use Scripture as a guide to think through the issues.

I found all the chapters to be interesting and thought provoking, save one. Chapter 3, the sports chapter, suggests that we actually don't take sports seriously enough. As someone whose athletic experience didn't extend past junior high, I really couldn't relate to much of what was said in the chapter.

Overall, I thought this book was quite interesting, and I would highly recommend it for group study. I think I'd really enjoy being part of a small group that used this book. However, it might not be so interesting for someone who has no interest in pop culture!

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