Thursday, July 23, 2009

things that show up when cleaning out your desk

I got a new (to me) desk at work today. My old desk was nice but big and bulky. My new desk is much smaller and actually has more storage space. Plus, it's turned around so it faces the door, which is always a plus! I found a few unexpected things while cleaning out the old desk, which I've had since the spring of 2006:
  • a wedding shower invite from 2007.
  • Twizzlers twizted berry pull-n-peel. I don't even remember this stuff!
  • an Administrative Professionals' Day card signed by all the administrators. It's not dated, but judging by the things they wrote, I'm gonna guess 2007.
  • 40 cents.
  • four boxes of Crystal Light Peach Iced Tea packets plus one box of the Walmart brand knock-off.
  • leftover speech award certificates from when we hosted our district meets in 07 and 08. I'm pretty sure I was supposed to send those back to the NSAA office . . .
  • "The Virtuous Woman," a laminated handout all the female students and staff received last year after the "virtuous woman" chapel. (Yes, there was a "godly man" chapel, too.)
  • a Los Angeles postcard. It's not written on. Why do I have it?
  • an unidentifiable piece of Asian candy. The picture on the wrapper looks like fish, so I'm not taking any chances!
  • a hexagon-shaped piece of metal. I'm sure it was an important piece of something once!


  1. Did you not also find a furry friend?

  2. Was the Los Angeles postcard something that Uncle Ken sent once upon a time?

  3. funny!!
    i'd like to see that virtuous woman handout. is it something you would want to blog??


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