Saturday, July 4, 2009

on the oregon trail: day 3

We left our motel in Cooke City at 10 a.m. After filling up with exorbitantly costly gas, we headed back into Yellowstone. (While I think Nate and Steph were just fine with going back--and perhaps even wanted to see some stuff, Val and I would have been more than happy to kiss Yellowstone goodbye for good. However, only one road goes through Cooke City, and our options were Yellowstone or a long, windy road that would have added a few hours to our trip.)

Yellowstone in the day is certainly a lot better than Yellowstone at night! We decided to skip Old Faithful as it was four hours away from Cooke City, but we thought about going to Norris Geyser, which was sort of but not quite on our way. However, it started absolutely pouring, and we decided the sooner we were off the crazy windy mountain roads, the better.

We had planned to meet college friend Sarah at Chico Hot Springs, but because of the rain, we just headed to Bozeman. We stopped for lunch in Livingston, at the Rib & Chop House, at Sarah's recommendation. Once again, it was great food.

And now Steph will take over to tell you about the rest of our day . . .

Once we arrived at Bozeman we met the lovely Sarah Sporleder who as I remembered was quite tall. We unloaded the car and were reminded of how Becky (probably for the first time ever) over packed even Val. It's true people. Becky packed 4 bags including her purse. 4! I made it with 3 including my purse but I had to pack my college class stuff so I don't think that a backpack should count. Anyway we then sat and chatted for a little bit and Nate decided to take a nap. I believe he had a food enduced coma since he ate enough food for 3 people at breakfast and then had a decent sized lunch. The rest of us went on an adventure through Bozeman to find me a hoodie. We were unsuccessful but I did get to see an Old Navy, Target, and a sporting goods store. Then we picked Nate up and headed to a movie.

We saw The Proposal. It was the second time for Becky, Val, & me, but it was Sarah's first time & I think her sister's as well. And in case you were wondering ...yes Nathan Mark Ritta saw the chick flick with us. I about died as I watched him ask for a ticket and again when we sat down. It truely was the highlight of my yesterday.

After the movie we went to MacKenzie River Pizza Co. to have two very delicious pizzas. We got the Rancher and the Cottonwood. I had to pick off a couple of things like peppers and tomatoes but Nate gladly took them. We almost finished the pizzas but still had to take some home.

Then we had to find some coffee for Val & Becky. We went to the Leaf & Bean which was Becky's favorite so far and Val's as well (I think). Nate said his was good but it wasn't his favorite. Upon receiving the cups of coffee we walked a little ways down Main. There were so many cute shops- I really hope we can go in some. We reached our cars and came back to Sarah's.

I worked on my class a little bit and Nate went for a run. We called mom and then Sarah and Becky went for a walk. Then ever so slowly people droppped off to bed. The last ones up were Sarah, Nate, & me. We were watching Stardust. Sadly, Sarah left as well a little before half way through. Nate & I finished it and went to bed...or should i say couch.

And that, dear readers, was our day. Peace OUT.


  1. It is hard to believe that Nate has not yet found the time to call or e-mail since arriving in Mt. Good to hear of his exploits through others, however. Still in a bit of shock re. Yellowstone! Did you see the paint pots? Love you anyway. Happy 4th. It will be rather lonely without you all.

  2. Missed you all last night, but it was good to hear from Steph later! Sounds like you're having a great time! Love to you all, Mom


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