Thursday, July 2, 2009

coffee across the country: day 1

Val and I love coffee, and we both agree that Barista's (where she works) serves some of the best coffee we've ever tasted. One of our goals on this trip is to find truly great coffee. All the coffee we taste will be compared to Barista's--is it better, just as good, or worse?

Rating system: (devised by Val, in terms an ice cream lover can understand. Why not coffee terms? Good question!)
*****--freshly baked fudgy brownie covered in Breyer's vanilla ice cream and my great-grandma's amazing homemade fudge sauce
****--a ColdStone Creamery favorite
***--your favorite DQ Blizzard
**--an ice cream bar
*--sugar free, fat free, freezer-burned vanilla ice cream

Our first coffee stop was at Barista's, and the coffee was, of course, excellent.
Overall rating: **** (only because we can have it all the time--and we need to leave room in case something better comes along!)

Our second coffee stop was in Laramie, Wyoming, at Turtle Rock Coffee, Etc. The atmosphere was great--we loved the decor--but the coffee wasn't in the same bracket as Barista's. My Irish Cream Latte was comparable to what I can get in Central City--which is to say it's good, not great. Steph's smoothie was "pretty good," and Nate really enjoyed his Cappuccino/Espresso Bean gelato. They also have an extensive sandwich menu (and, as you can see from the picture, pasta!). It's located just off the interstate on the west side of Laramie, and while the coffee itself wasn't anything to brag about, I'd still say it's worth a stop.Overall Rating:
** (Val: "The atmosphere was cute, but the flavor was not good.")
*** (Becky: see comments above)
*** (Steph: "My smoothie was good.")
??? (Nate: he went to sleep while we were discussing this)


  1. Hold onto your hats, because you girls (and Nate) are headed for coffee country. I mean, seriously? Starbucks is nothing compared to this. I'm already making a list in my head of places we need to visit... just you wait.

  2. oh, and there's a major difference between "good coffee" and "good lattes"... are we only testing coffee beverages, or the coffee itself? (this includes plain old brewed coffee, straight espresso, the americano... or better yet, a shot or two in the dark when you need something good and strong)

    So, how was Yellowstone?

  3. We are definitely testing good lattes. That's pretty much the only way I drink coffee. And I don't think I could handle a shot in the dark, let alone two!

  4. you guys are having so much fun, i love it! oh, and i love the rating system!!


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