Monday, December 21, 2009

my day, facebook style

  • can't believe it's morning.
  • wishes she didn't have to scrape her car.
  • remembers more US history than she expected and probably would have gotten at least an 80% on the juniors' final!
  • is thankful for friends she can vent to.
  • hates the computer in her classroom.
  • wishes the yearbook deadline wasn't on Wednesday.
  • hopes the predicted blizzard doesn't come!
  • really could use a latte.
  • doesn't enjoy tomato chunks in her tomato sauce :-(
  • 's brain feels like mush.
  • is shocked. Steph K doesn't know who Harrison Ford is! 
  • wishes her students had turned in their spreads on time.
  • can't believe how much the gift of a latte brightened her day!
  • loves laughing with the Dockweiler boys.
  • is taking home a lot of work tonight.
  • opened her apartment door and was shocked at the sight of her living room--Stubes did a great job cleaning it!
  • is trying (rather unsuccessfully) to edit spreads while Chrissy plays country videos on YouTube.
  • had supper with the fam.
  • is editing. Still.
  • loves Landrigan cookies!
  • just discovered SNC's Ryan Ahlwardt's solo music. Some of it is pretty good.
  • will be up very, very late tonight.
  • hopes tomorrow's Stuco event is a success.
  • has listened to Ryan Ahlwardt's "My Strength to Jesus" repeatedly. He sounds a bit like Chris Rice here--in other songs, he sounds like John Mayer or Jason Mraz.
  • :: James 1:19-20 "Know this, my beloved brothers: let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger; for the anger of man does not produce the righteousness of God."
  • just made Janae the best birthday present ever!
  • isn't accomplishing much yearbook-wise.
  • is getting frustrated and has to constantly remind herself of James 1:19-20.
  • has complied quite the mental list of issues to cover in yearbook after Christmas break. Perhaps it's time to write them down!
  • is glad that Janet is coming to spend Christmas vacation with her!
  • still hasn't heard her most hated Christmas song! Here's hoping she makes it through the next four days without hearing it!
  • :: Why is caption writing so difficult?
  • decided not to put up her new curtain rod--the neighbors probably wouldn't appreciate the sound of the power drill at 11:30 p.m.!
  • just remembered that she still needs to make copies of the final she's giving in the morning.
  • should stop blogging and start focusing on yearbook!


  1. fun post, becky!
    i know your least fave christmas song without even clicking on the link. it's been awhile since i've heard it. unlike you, that makes me a little sad.

  2. I made it through the entire Christmas season without hearing it once! I consider this a major victory :-)


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