Wednesday, December 16, 2009

remy zero said it best ...

... when they sang "Somebody save me!"

That's how I've felt over the last two days--like I needed someone to save me from the insanity that surrounds this last week of school. If I had made a "to do" list yesterday, it would have looked a little something like this:
  • write ESL final
  • do powerpoint for Awana Christmas program
  • enter grades
  • proof/edit yearbook pages
  • read Saving Cicadas (my book review blogger book--I really want to finish it because they now have a book available that I'd love to read--I can't remember the name, but it has to do with Lost!)
  • practice Singing Christmas Tree music
  • attend Awana Christmas program
  • practice Festival of Lessons & Carols music (this practice will be with the conductor--and he's going to be able to tell that I don't know my music at all!)
  • meet with speech kids
  • figure out what StuCo is doing for Christmas
  • clean my apartment
  • go to Festival practice (all day Friday)
  • go to the last four SCT concerts
  • call the chiropractor
  • submit 16 yearbook pages (due next Wed!)
I honestly can't remember the last time I've been so stressed out (but I bet it involved yearbook!), and I really let the stress get to me. I was not fun to be around at supper last night, that much I'm sure of! This morning, I was on track to be just as stressed ... I had overslept, probably largely due to my inability to get to sleep last night as I continued focusing on everything I needed to do, I got to work late, and I was just plain grumpy. Then I read Jen's blog. She wrote about all the things she was looking forward to this Christmas season. She has had a lot of stress in her life, yet she was choosing to focus on the good things. 

Now I'm choosing to do the same. This week will undoubtedly continue to be stressful, but I can choose how I respond to the stress. I may have a zillion things to do this week, but I can be joyful while I do them, and I don't need to panic when things happen that are beyond my control. Before I know it, this week will be over, and it will be Christmas!

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  1. Oh, Becky, you are so sweet! This brought tears to my eyes. I'm glad that God can use my blogs to bring encouragement to others. Love you, girl!


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