Tuesday, April 27, 2010

a little recognition

Without my friend Jen, I would never remember Administrative Professional's Day (or Week, if you prefer). So, it snuck up on me again last week, and I only realized that Wednesday was the day because Jen posted something about it on Facebook. Nothing was done for me or the other secretaries that day ... but the next day ...

I arrived to find a coffee on my desk. Then, when I returned from my afternoon class, I found all of this:
The cookies are from the business manager and his wife, and the flowers, card, and saying are from the principal and his wife. I definitely felt appreciated :-)


  1. Aww So sweet!!! You must work at a pretty amazing school, I wish I could have went there :)

    I LOVE your plaque thing about worry...need to remember that more often! I think I worry a little too much these days...
    PS. Thanks for the paper help last night!!! You're the BEST!

  2. Ha! Just realized the worry saying was part of the gifts, when i re-read your post!

    I was thinkin' it was something you already had :) now it's even cooler!

  3. oh how awesome!! BTW, i got nothing this year.


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