Tuesday, April 6, 2010

my father the hero

I've previously mentioned the snake problem at my grandma's house. It's gotten to the point where I won't go into the basement unless it's absolutely necessary. Our most recent encounter with the snakes occurred last weekend when my family went down to visit Grandma for Easter. When we arrived, my dad went to the basement to turn on the water. Mom followed him shortly, and they remained downstairs for a suspiciously long amount of time. When they finally reemerged, Dad was carrying this:

You can't see what's inside the bucket, but trust me--it's a snake! I could see it slithering around ... ewww! Dad carried it outside--all the while, I was yelling, "Kill it! Kill it!"--put a heavy flowerpot on top, and left it until morning. Then he took care of it--and called me out to take a picture:

The animal rights people wouldn't call him a hero, but I sure do!


  1. That is a huge snake! Ewww is right!

  2. you're father looks so distinguished in that first picture... like any Ritta man would in such a situation, of course :)

  3. YAY Mr. Ritta!!!
    PS. Did you get the e-mail w/ my new paper I sent you...it's OK if you don't have time to do it this time... :)


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