Friday, April 16, 2010

going to the chapel ...

My dear friend Melissa got married last weekend, and I had the honor of being one of her bridesmaids. The wedding was held in the bustling city of O'Neill. O'Neill calls itself the Irish capital of Nebraska, and I found it quite amusing that whenever anyone gave directions, they invariably started out with, "You go past the Shamrock ..." Yes, O'Neill has a giant shamrock painted on the main intersection. But that's not the point of this post!

The wedding itself was so nice. It was very sweet, and everyone could see how in love and how happy they were! I also enjoyed how short it was ... the ceremony was no longer than 30 minutes, and the reception didn't last more than an hour!

Melissa and me right before the wedding.

Me and my sisters.

The happy couple!


  1. YAY! I was wondering if you were going to post about this...I love her dress, I get so dissapointed sometimes b/c so many Christians don't wear modest wedding dresses, so this made me happy :)

    I LOVE the color of your dress! Steph looks so cute, haven't seen her since graduation day! Will get to see her at Resolve though!

  2. Uh oh, you can expect the opposite from me: long ceremony, long reception, and immodest bridal gown. ;)


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